Personal Alarms To Ensure Safety Of Your Elderly Loved Ones

Technological advances have helped a lot of people by upscaling and improving the reach of the medical industry. From offering better and less painful ways of healing to ensuring better and safer lifestyle, the healthcare industry has improved a lot with advancements in technology. Telecare Equipment such as Fall Detection Alarms is one such example of the same.  

One of the major reasons for small falls leading to serious consequences, especially among the elderly, is a delay in medical assistance. Personal Safety Alarms ensure the well-being of a wearer by ensuring they receive immediate help in the times of emergency – medical or otherwise. What is the need for these safety alarms?

Need For Personal Safety Alarms

The elderly population (over 65 years old) is more than 18% of the total population in the UK, and is increasing. Every family member of an elderly person is constantly concerned for his/her safety. Personal Safety Alarms not only provide peace of mind for the wearers, but also allows elderly Britons to feel secure, both inside and outside their home, without worrying about their safety. This level of safety cannot be achieved even with a 24-hour caregiver at home. Personal Alarms come with easy-to-use technology and provide 24/7/365 safety for your elderly loved one.

There are many types of personal alarms you can choose from – Fall Detection Alarms, Talking Pendant Alarms, GPS Enabled Alarms, and many more. One of the challenges faced when you need to review personal safety alarms is choosing the right provider. Lifeline Telecare is one of the top-rated providers in the UK and has been providing safety alarms for over 26 years. We provide the broadest range of safety alarm equipment in the UK. Call us at 0800 061 4501 or fill in this form to contact us right now. Ensure the safety and well-being of your elderly loved ones with our highly functional safety alarms.

Here are a few ways Personal Safety Alarms For The Elderly can help.


  • Highly Functional Sensors


Personal Safety Alarms like fall detection alarms have highly functional in-built sensors. Falls are one of the leading causes of death among the elderly. There are many serious medical conditions such as seizures and epilepsy where the victim would not get a chance to even press a panic button. Safety Alarms with inbuilt fall sensors automatically notifies the loved ones of a wearer and call for medical assistance upon detecting a fall.


  • GPS Enabled Alarms


GPS Enabled Safety Alarms allow you to locate an elderly loved one in an emergency. An elderly loved one, using this alarm, can leave their homes at his/her will without worrying about their safety. This provides peace of mind to the wearer and his/her loved ones.


  • Easy-To-Use Features


Personal Safety Alarms come with easy-to-use features and have a simple installation process. For instance, Talking Pendant Alarms can be worn around as a pendant! The best providers of personal safety alarms include easy to understand user manuals along with their product.

There are many features of personal safety alarms for the elderly that make them a must-have for every household. Choose your favourite from a wide variety of personal safety alarms and ensure the safety of your loved ones.