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Lifeline Telecare – The UK’s Leading Provider of Life Alarms

Here at Lifeline Telecare, we take pride in being the leading provider of Lifeline alarms and telecare systems in the UK. We have not only been helping and encouraging people to live independently in their own homes, but our lifeline alarms have also been saving lives, for over 26 years*. In that time we have looked after over 115,000 customers, and each year we answer over 35,000 alarm calls in our state of the art 24/7 alarm response centre. When purchasing one of lifeline alarms, you can feel confident that you, or your loved ones, are in safe hands with one of the longest-running lifeline alarm companies around, who is also leading the industry.

More About our Lifeline Alarms 

We offer an extensive range of lifeline alarms that are expertly designed to keep you, or your loved ones, safe and encourage independent living. While each different lifeline alarm and telecare system we offer, will differ slightly in how they operate, in general, you wear an alarm button around your neck, or on your wrist. Should you have a fall, or feel unwell, all you have to do is push the button and help will be on the way.

Why Choose our Lifeline Alarms?

Our Lifeline alarms and telecare systems are a great way to help you stay living independently in your own home, safer and for longer. We offer an industry-leading range of lifeline alarms, so we’re sure to find one for you that will more than meet your needs. We believe that not only are our lifeline alarms the best but so is the service we offer that comes with them. The quality and reliability of our lifeline alarms, coupled with our 24/7 support centre, are just two of the reasons why we are the UK’s first choice provider of lifeline alarms.

Features of our Lifeline Alarms:

  • Call through to our 24/7 response centre. Our lifeline alarms ensure help is always at the touch of a button
  • Contact Family & friends directly, if you don’t feel that 24/7 monitoring is right for you
  • Our lifeline alarms offer you protection not only in your own home but also have an option to provide safety and assistance out-and-about too, depending on your needs and circumstance. 
  • Detect falls automatically should you fall and lose consciousness
  • Allow you to talk through the pendant itself, from wherever you are – be-it in your home, garden, or even out and about getting on with your day-to-day routines. Our lifeline alarms have got you covered.

Call a Lifeline Telecare Independent Living Specialist now to learn more about how we can help you stay living independently in your own home, safer and for longer!

*see About Us page to learn more about our history and experience.

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