Benefits of Using Lifeline Alarms For The Elderly

The Benefits of a Lifeline Alarm

Mobile alarms have been around for many years. The best alarms provide an around the clock response, and safety that would not be available otherwise. For the elderly, having a system in place such as Lifeline Telecare means the difference between staying in their own home and going into a care facility.

There should not be a choice between independence and safety. No one wants to think about what could happen if someone falls or becomes unwell. As the population ages, the contemplation of reality sets in. Without help available, a simple fall can quickly turn fatal.


Many people are not ready to move into a care home when they first start to experience complicated medical conditions. Most also do not want to move simply because they’ve fallen in the past. Lifeline alarms offer an alternative to that move, with fall detection technology built in and help no more than a button push away. Talk about supporting personal freedom and safety at the same time!

Take talking pendants are another example. Rather than worry about the placement of a wall unit, the pendant acts as a relay. Whether in the home or garden, it means talking to responders rather than just waiting for them. Mobile alarms include a GPS location option, freeing the person from the home, making them safe wherever they go. That means free movement around town to go to church, the shops or to travel.

Variety of Options

Lifeline alarms for the elderly offers choices in equipment. This way, a family can choose the alarms that match their needs and circumstances. If it’s for peace of mind inside the home, a talking pendant might be the best choice.

Mobile alarms are great for people who like to get out and do things. Lifeline mobile alarms work using mobile phone networks for connectivity. That means no matter where the alarm is, if there’s mobile phone signal, responders can find the person. Mobile alarms are perfect for any elderly loved ones who are active.

High fall risk individuals have the option of wearing a sensitive fall monitor. This alarm calls for help when it detects a fall, rather than only with a button push. In cases like heart attacks, strokes falls leading to unconsciousness, and broken bones, those seconds save lives.


Lifeline Telecare promises that no matter what the circumstances for needing an alarm are, they will be a friendly ear. They offer world class 24/7 monitoring on their alarms from a response center located in the United Kingdom.

Lifeline Telecare has been in the alarm industry for 26 years and counting. They have taken over for other alarm companies that have gone out of business, protecting thousands of vulnerable individuals in the process. They are available at all hours of the day regardless of the nature of the query. They’re also committed to having the most reliable and effective products on the market.

Lifeline alarms for the elderly offer peace of mind to those using the alarms, and to their families. These alarms allow elderly and at-risk patients to keep their independence and stay in their own homes. Without Lifeline, more people need care homes. Lifeline alarms are the best solution for any elderly loved one who wants to be independent and stay in their own homes safely.