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Fall Detector Alarm

How Can A Fall Detector Help me or my Loved Ones?

As we get older, the unfortunate risk of accidents and illnesses that could result in falls increases. Most emergency admissions to hospitals for falls are patients who are 65 or older, and many of them are aged 80 or more. Falls don’t just cause injuries in older people, they can also reduce their confidence and independence. Some elderly people who experience a fall are so traumatised that they end up moving in with their relatives or into residential care homes, which can place a huge burden on their family life. Falls occur more often in elderly people because their bodies are naturally weaker, their vision may be poor and they may be more likely to suffer from conditions like strokes or seizures that result in unexpected falls. For those who have elderly loved ones who live alone, one of their biggest fears is their relative falling over while nobody is around to help. This is where a fall detector alarm can be a lifesaver – literally.

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Why Do Older People Need Fall Detector Alarms?

As we grow older, many other issues arise including instability, poor balance and muscle degeneration. All of these can make the unfortunate event of a fall more likely. Arthritis is common in older people and this can cause weakness in the joints of the legs that can cause a fall, while certain prescription medications that are prescribed to pensioners often cause dizziness or light-headedness, so moving naturally and worry-free around their home is increasingly difficult and can ultimately result in a fall.

Investing in a Fall Detector to Ensure Your Loved One’s Safety

Although you cannot guarantee that your elderly loved one will never have a fall, slip or trip at home or when out and about, there are some steps that you can take to minimise their risk of having an accident. You should make sure that they always have appropriate footwear, even inside their home. Shoes and slippers with anti-slip soles are essential, while proper ankle support is also vital. Taking your loved one to get their eyes tested can also make a big difference. If your ageing relative can’t see properly, they may not notice hazards around their home that could cause them to trip and fall.

Using Technology To Protect Your Relative

The latest technology has made life easier in many different respects. A fall detector alarm is one of the best ways to harness the power of technology to help your elderly loved one to stay safe when they live independently. With a fall detector alarm, your loved one won’t even need to press a button or dial a number to get the help that they need. The alarm contains sensors that automatically detect when the wearer has fallen, and an alert is immediately sent out so that help can be summoned straight away.

With a fall detector alarm, your elderly relative can enjoy the freedom and independence that comes with having confidence to move around while you too can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your loved one can get help automatically if they do suffer a fall. It’s a life saving solution for everyone.


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