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Wrist Alarm

How Do Wrist Alarms Encourage Independent Living?

The decision to put yourself or an elderly loved one into residential care, can be very difficult and even upsetting. However, a lot of the time this is not a decision that be ignored or postponed, as the person in question may no longer be as self-sufficient as they previously were. As you or your loved ones grow older, the risk of having an incident or a fall while being alone in the house increases in tandem with the need for urgent assistance in this unfortunate situation.

This is where Lifeline Telecares Wrist Alarms could save lives while still encouraging independent living for you or your elderly loved ones. Our wrist alarms come with automatic fall detection, which immediately alerts a responder and/or family members of the incident. This increases the speed of which assistance can be provided to the user exponentially, should they find themselves in the unfortunate circumstance of a fall or accident in or out of their home. Not only can this be a life saving investment, but it also strongly encourages independent living and allows the user to do so, for longer.

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Why Are Our Wrist Alarms a Necessity? 

The decision of getting a wrist alarm for you or a loved one can be difficult, however, it is one we strongly recommend. Our wrist alarms are discreet and are designed to look as natural as possible, meaning they can be worn without being overly noticeable. However, just because our wrist alarms are aesthetic, does not mean we compromised on usability.

Our wrist alarms immediately alert a responder or loved one in the unfortunate event of a fall or accident. This means that assistance is available at the push of a button. Not 0nly does this provide the user with greater levels of confidence to go about an active lifestyle but it also provides greater peace of mind to family and loved ones.  This also alleviates and potential burden carried by the user, in terms of being reliant on family members.

Lifeline Telecare wrist alarms are a must for anyone looking to remain living independently in their own home for longer.

How Can A Wrist Alarm Help?

If you or your ageing loved one find themselves in the unfortunate event of a  fall or other accident, their wrist alarm allows them to summon assistance immediately, when they need it most. With a wrist alarm from Lifeline Telecare, assistance really is available at the push of a button.

Our wrist alarms function off a technology that is easy-to-use and understand, meaning even the technophobes will be able to benefit from a wrist alarm from Lifeline Telecare.  Not only this, but with no need to remember a telephone number in the event of a crisis or even to have a telephone nearby, it will you or give your elderly relative the confidence that, should the worst happen, they’ll be able to summon help quickly and easily.

Key Features of Our Wrist Alarms 

A wrist alarm for the elderly could save your or an ageing loved one’s life. Simple to access and use, it will ensure you or your loved one can enjoy a worry-free and independent life. Our wrist alarms for the elderly  also ensure that you can pursue a more active lifestyle, confident that help is just one press of a button away. Here at Lifeline Telecare, we have high-quality wrist alarms available that are perfect for your needs. Contact us today to learn more.


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