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Which Is The Best Personal Alarm For The Elderly

Which is the Best Personal Alarm for the Elderly?

If you have ageing relatives with whom you are close to and care for dearly, the thought of them living independently without going into residential care can be daunting. Fears of them having a fall or other kind of accident either in or outside of their home can be frequent. The longer your elderly loved ones live independently in their own home, the greater the risk of them having an accident grows. If you or your elderly loved one find yourself in the unfortunate event of a fall or accident in or outside of your home, having an immediate and easy way to alert a responder or family member can be life saving.

That is where investing in the best personal alarm can be invaluable. Researching and investing in the best personal alarm can save you or your elderly loved ones life should the unfortunate event of an accident occur. At Lifeline Telecare, we are here to help answer the question: Which is the best personal alarm for the elderly?

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What are the Different Types of Personal Alarms? 

There are a number of different types of personal alarm that are perfectly suited to your needs or the needs of your elderly loved ones. Including panic button alarms that can alert multiple responders and/or family members immediately allowing two-way communication so that the wearer can speak to a responder or family member and describe the situation they need assistance with. This is invaluable in ensuring the right kind of help can be immediately available.

Another popular type of personal alarm we offer at Lifeline Telecare, are Fall Detection alarms. These are truly invaluable to the elderly who enjoy independent living in their own home, specifically those who are at greater risk, for example those with epilepsy or who are prone to seizures. A Fall Detection Alarm can automatically detect a fall and immediately alerts a responder or family member to said fall. This means that assistance is fast and effective, which can not only save lives but can even potentially minimise injuries.

We even offer personal alarms that require no landline, meaning they can be worn by your loved one when they are outside their home, which again encourages independent living while offering peace of mind to both the user and loved ones.

Which Is The Best Personal Alarm For Me Or My Loved One?

If you’ve decided that you or your elderly loved ones could benefit from a person alarm system, the first thing to do is decide which is the best personal alarm for you or your loved ones needs and circumstances.

If your main concern centres around falling, for example, a fall detection alarm could be the ideal solution to give you or your loved ones peace of mind. Or if your loved one is very independent and spends a lot of time outside their home, choosing a no-landline system will ensure they can get help no matter where they are, even if they’re not within reach of a landline telephone. Rest assured that no matter what your needs, Lifeline Telecare have a wide range of the best personal alarms that can offer peace of mind while still encouraging independent living.

Contact us today to find out more about how our industry-leading range of the very best personal alarms for the elderly, can help you or your loved one live safely and independently for longer.


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