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Talking Pendant – 24/7 Monitored

Talking Pendant – 24/7 Monitored


Lifeline Telecare offer the latest technology with their Talking Pendant 24/7 monitored personal alarm.



Lifeline Telecare offer the latest technology with their Talking Pendant 24/7 monitored personal alarm.

The Lifeline Telecare Talking Pendant alarm is unique in that it allows you to talk to our 24/7 monitoring centre operators directly through the pendant itself. Wherever you are in your home and garden you can push the button and talk directly to us to get help. This means that you can fall in the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen or garden, and still be able to speak to us.

‘Standard’ personal alarm pendants only allow you to activate the alarm from around the home and garden. They only allow you to talk to a response operator if you are close to the base unit itself. The base unit is normally plugged into the telephone socket in the hallway downstairs. This means you have to fall in the hallway if you want to be able to talk to us to get help, how often will you fall in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or garden?

The Lifeline Telecare Talking Pendant alarm is different. Using the same technology as you find in a cordless telephone (DECT technology), the Talking Pendant has the following features:

  1. Activate the alarm from anywhere around the home or garden
  2. Talk directly through the pendant itself, from anywhere in the home and garden, to our response centre operators

When the alarm call comes through to our response centre, a friendly and caring operator will talk to you, understand what it happening and then arrange for the appropriate help. This can include calling family and friends, or calling the emergency services.

The pendant has a range of up to 150 metres, covering most people’s homes and gardens. The pendant battery does not need recharging, and it will typically last up to 5 years based on normal use. The alarm also comes with a waterproof wristband button for use while in the shower.

There is an ongoing £49.99 quarterly monitoring fee for the ongoing service paid by direct debit. There are no minimum contracts and the equipment needs to be returned to us when you no longer require the service. We will contact you after you place your order to take additional information including details of any medical conditions, nominated contacts and key safe information.

Please note that if you find that a cordless phone (DECT phone) does not work reliably in your home then this alarm may not be suitable for you.