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12 Month Credit

12 Month Credit


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Get a 12 month UNLIMITED* credit bundle for your Lifeline Telecare Alarm.

Lifeline Telecare’s new credit package gives you unlimited use of your emergency alarm each month subject to the following *Fair Usage policy:

  • 15 minutes of talk time per month
  • 45 text messages per month
  • 3MB data per month

We know that the use of an emergency alarm may vary from month to month so we remove the stress of worrying about having credit on your Lifeline Telecare Alarm. The monthly allowance is flexible so that you can use a little more in one month, and less in the next. We will also alert you when your 3 months is about to expire, so that you can top-up for another 12 months.

Note: Credit is non-refundable, non-transferable and not for use in any device other than the Lifeline Telecare Alarm it was purchased for.  Your SIM card will be suspended for excessive monthly use, as defined in the *Fair Usage Policy (above).