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Personal Alarms

Our personal alarms are the easiest, most efficient way to encourage independent living for your elderly loved ones. A personal alarm offers the user additional peace of mind, and an added layer of safety, not only at home, but out and about as well. At Lifeline Telecare, our personal alarms really do allow our users to live independently. 

Why Purchase a Personal Alarm?

Personal alarms can be a lifesaving investment for the user. Whether your loved ones live by themselves or with skilled providers, having a personal alarm can still bring the user and their loved ones greater peace of mind, which leads to higher standard of living and encourages them to be more independent. A personal alarm can alert responders, friends or family members to potentially life-threatening situations, which in many instances can completely prevent fatal accidents at home or out and about. Investing in a personal alarm is money well-spent, and at Lifeline Telecare, we make sure our personal alarms offer everything you or your loved one needs to achieve a greater standard of independent living.

Why Do You Need a Personal Alarm?

It can be considered embarrassing for your elderly loved ones to ask family or friends for help as they get older. Whether they have a degenerative condition, a disease or whether they are just starting to fear that they may be struggling to manage in the same way that they used to. It can be difficult to have to approach loved ones and admit that they can no longer cope. This is where Lifeline Telecare can help. Our personal alarms are an excellent solution for when you or your loved ones need an added layer of safety and greater peace of mind. A personal alarm enables the user to continue living independently with the added benefit of having assistance at the push of a button, in the unfortunate event that assistance is required. Our personal alarms have the option of 24/7 monitoring via our response centre, so help really is always just a button-push away at all times.

It is no secret, that as we get older, the threat of serious injury through accidents becomes much more real. Daily routine can become not only more difficult, but poses more risk to injury through falls or slips. Our personal alarms ensure that the user has guaranteed access to urgent attention and assistance in the unfortunate event of an emergency. Our personal alarms also eliminate the need to have a phone to hand or remember a telephone number. Due to the variety of different injuries and accidents that the elderly are potentially exposed to, it’s easy to see why personal alarms  can be a lifesaving investment and solution for independent living.

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The Benefits of Personal Alarms

A personal alarm can be indispensable, if not lifesaving, when it comes to needing assistance and urgent care in a crisis. Light-headedness, vision issues, strokes or heart attacks could strike at any time when you get older and being safe is always better than being sorry. Having a personal alarm brings you and those you care for peace of mind with an additional layer of safety. 

Our personal alarms allow for multiple contacts to be alerted with a simple press of a button, you can be confident that help is available in as little as a few minutes, at the push of a button, when you need it most. Facing an emergency without any assistance or support can be a frightening thought, but with a Lifeline Telecare Personal Alarm, we make sure the user is never without support. 

Here at Lifeline Telecare, we have a wide range of personal alarms that are ideal for older people who want to maintain their independent lifestyle. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you and those you love enjoy a happier, safer and more independent life.

Why Choose A Personal Alarm From Lifeline Telecare

Lifeline Telecare offer the broadest range of personal alarms for the elderly in the UK. The range is designed to cater to every need, and budget, and offers you the most feature packed alarms available.

Here are a few of the features available to you from Lifeline Telecare:
● Take it anywhere – fully mobile alarms with GPS positioning
Detect falls – activates when user falls
Talking pendant – speak through the pendant to loved ones
24/7 monitoring option – all day, every day, safety and peace of mind
Call family and friends directly, a direct link to loved ones


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