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Elderly Personal Alarm

Why Do I Need an Elderly Personal Alarm?

These days, having an elderly personal alarm for your loved ones is becoming a necessity if you want your aging relatives to remain safe while living independently in their own home. If your loved one doesn’t want to go into sheltered housing or a care home but could still benefit from extra assistance, support and contact if needed, an elderly personal alarm is a great alternative.

About Our Elderly Personal Alarms

Elderly personal alarms have been around since the 1970s when a home alert alarm was devised with the aim of helping disabled, sick and elderly people. In the 1970s, a phone company began offering emergency phone systems that allowed the user to make multiple calls by pressing a single button in the event of an emergency. This technology has now been taken to a whole new level. Thanks to the latest technology, elderly personal alarms are now even more advanced and more useful, keeping the elderly safe for as long as they choose to remain in their own homes.

At Lifeline Telecare, we’re able to offer the UK’s best elderly personal alarms service, with high-quality systems paired with unrivalled service. Our elderly personal alarms are monitored 24/7 (if required), at our response centre, offering around-the-clock contact and support as and when needed by the user. If our support centre option is not preferable, you can choose to have family and friends be contactable to offer support – either way, with our elderly personal alarms, you can be assured that help is just a push of a button away. We find this offers complete peace of mind and ultimately encourages the user to continue living independently in their own home for longer.

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Personal Alarms For Fall Detection

Some older people are more at risk of falls and trips due to mobility issues or balance problems. A fall detection personal alarm can prove very helpful, with an inbuilt sensor that will trigger an emergency alert as soon as a fall is detected. Since those who have seizures or epilepsy, or who are hurt in an accident, are unable to press a button when they experience an emergency, a fall detection alarm can raise the alert independently.

A Panic Button

For older people, one of the most worrying things about living independently is being unable to get help quickly in the event of a problem. A panic button is the ideal personal alarm to resolve the problem. By pressing just a single button, your elderly loved one can alert you or a representative instantly without having to remember a telephone number or have access to their phone and help can be on the way in minutes.

A Talking Pendant Alarm

Talking pendant alarms are one of the most innovative options when it comes to finding a personal alarm for elderly people. Worn around the neck just like a pendant, these alarms keep the wearer safe 24 hours a day, whether they are indoors or outside their home. They enable the wearer to talk to another person through the pendant and the listener to talk back to them. This means that the right kind of help can be obtained rapidly as the wearer will be able to tell the responder precisely what is going on.

Protecting Your Elderly Loved Ones

A personal alarm for elderly people is a great way to give your loved one and yourself greater peace of mind. Independent living is important to many older people, so finding a way that they can continue living their usual lifestyle but in safety and confidence couldn’t be more important. Here at Lifeline Telecare we have a range of personal alarms to suit your relative’s needs.


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