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Pendant Alarms For The Elderly

Could Pendant Alarms Keep My Loved Ones Safe Outdoors?

If you have an elderly loved one who is still enjoying an independent lifestyle, this can be a cause for concern. While it’s wonderful that those in their golden years are still able to get out and about and enjoy themselves, it can be worrying for their relatives who are afraid that they will have an accident or suffer a mishap while outside their home. Of course, we can’t keep our aging parents trapped indoors forever! However, pendant alarms could be the perfect solution that you’ve been looking for to give you and your elderly loved one peace of mind every day.

How Can Pendant Alarms For The Elderly Help?

Technology has made all of our lives better in many different ways, however when it comes to the elderly, the latest developments have proved to be revolutionary. Advances such as the development of pendant alarms for the elderly has meant that senior citizens can enjoy greater accessibility and independence in their Autumn years. These wearable devices can instantly alert a loved one or a caregiver if the wearer experiences a problem, no matter where they are. This means that if your loved one is out and about and suffers a mishap or accident, they can immediately contact you or a representative so that help can rapidly be provided.

There are also some other tips that you can share with your elderly loved one that will ensure they stay safe while outside their home.

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Staying Alert

The first thing that your aging relative can do to stay safe outdoors is to remain alert and to stay out of the way of hazards. For example, when using stairs, they should always use the bannister or rail. When walking in winter, they should be on the alert for any possibly slippery icy spots which could cause them to fall. They should also choose non-slip footwear that will be durable and robust enough to give better traction even on smooth surfaces. If they use a walking stick, they should ensure it has a rubber tip as this will reinforce their traction when walking on damp pavements.

Dressing Appropriately

Health complications are all-too-common in older people, and they can be especially susceptible to extreme weather conditions. Whether it’s very hot or very cold outside, you should ensure that your loved one chooses suitable clothing for the temperature outdoors. In the winter, they should wear layers that reduce heat loss and that can be removed when wet to guard against colds and fevers. In hot weather, they should avoid wearing heavy sweaters or coats so that they don’t overheat and develop heatstroke.

Lifeline Telecare Is Here To Help

Here at Lifeline Telecare, it’s our mission to ensure your aging relatives enjoy a safe and full independent life in their Golden years. We offer a pendant alarms for the elderly that can help to protect your loved ones in the event of an accident or problem and that can give you the peace of mind you seek.