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Panic Alarm for Elderly

Why Purchase a Panic Alarm for Elderly?

People need to continue enjoying independence as they get older, but it is equally important that people feel safe and secure. As people are living longer lives, we must ensure that they can live well and enjoy the additional years that they have. Purchasing a panic alarm with Lifeline Telecare is a great way to allow elderly people to maintain their independence and at the same time, make sure they are safe at all times which in turn, offers greater peace of mind to both the user and their loved ones.

What is a Panic Alarm and How Do They Help?

The name ‘panic alarm’ might lead you to think that it is a device that is only used when a person is panicking; however, this isn’t necessarily the case. A panic alarm is often referred to as an ’emergency alarm’ or a ‘mobile alarm’. It is used by someone who may need additional assistance for any type of emergency.

Panic alarms can be placed in the house or can be worn by the elderly person, depending on the reason for purchasing one and the living situation. The alarms are linked to a 24/7 response centre where call handlers will arrange the help that is required, this means that assistance is just a button-push away – offering greater peace of mind to both the user and loved ones.

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Types of Panic Alarms at Lifeline Telecare

Lifeline Telecare understands that not everyone needs or wants the same products. That’s why customers can choose a range of different panic alarms with different uses and functions. Wearable pendant alarms can be worn around the neck, making them easily accessible to the user. For elderly people who want the security of knowing help is available at the push of a button, but don’t want to have their panic alarm as obvious, can select a wrist-worn panic alarm.

Fall detection alarms are also available. These types of panic alarms don’t require the user to push a button but detect when a person experiences a fall and automatically raise an alert for help. This is an essential feature for those people who may be at risk of losing consciousness or who are not physically able to push a button to call for help.

How Does a Panic Alarm Work?

The panic alarms that are available at Lifeline Telecare work by connecting the user with a response centre that has call handlers available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That means that once a person has been set up with their alarm, they will never be without access to help when they are wearing their device.

Alarms can be connected with the response centre by pushing a button or by detecting that a fall has been experienced. Depending on the type of alarm selected, when the button is pushed, up to 3 contacts can be contacted to alert them that there has been a problem.

Features of Our Panic Alarms

● Two-way communication with the response centre
● Panic alarms are available that work with a landline phone or alarms will work wherever there is a mobile signal
● Water-resistant so they don’t need to be removed in the shower or when washing
● Find me function allows the alarm to be located if it has lost
● When used, the panic alarm can alert specified people as well at the response centre


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