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Old People Alarm

Old People Alarm

Medical advancements mean that many people are living longer lives and enjoying their retirements for longer than they have done before. This is undoubtedly a great thing, but as people live longer, it does mean that many people also develop health conditions that can have an impact on their quality of life. Families of elderly people often worry about looking after their loved one. It isn’t usually possible for family members to look after their loved one 24/7, and this can cause stress and anxiety.

Lifeline Telecoms provides a range of old people alarms that are designed to provide peace of mind that if something happened, the right people would be alerted and help would be sent.

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Why Old People Alarms are a Great Investment

It is quite common for people to deny that they might need a bit of extra assistance. This is particularly true when it comes to getting older. No-one likes to admit that their age is stopping them from doing things, but it is essential to recognise and acknowledge it. Investing in a personal alarm isn’t a sign that someone is too old; it is a sign that someone wants to live as independently as they possibly can.

As people age, many will choose to live slower lives and take fewer risks. Staying home and remaining sedentary might mean that people have less chance of falling or something terrible happening. However, it also means that they probably aren’t enjoying life as much as they could. A Lifeline Telecare alarm bridges the gap between sit down to keep safe and taking risks.

How Do Old People Alarms Work?

Regardless of which type of alarm is selected, the idea behind them is the same. The user has access to an alarm that they could wear around their neck, around their wrist, or simply place next to them so that they have access to it. If they fall, feel very unwell, or any other emergency arises, they will press the button on the alarm. This connects the wearer directly with a team at the response centre who will talk to the wearer to find out what is wrong and send the most appropriate help.

Some alarms don’t need the wearer to push the button in certain circumstances. Lifeline Telecare alarms come with falls detection, which means the response centre will be alerted automatically without the wearer pushing the button. This will happen if the alarm recognises that a fall may have occurred as it might be the case that the wearer is unable to push the button.

Key Features to Look for in an Old People Alarm

● A water-resistant alarm that can be worn in the shower
● An alarm that doesn’t need a landline phone to work but works on a mobile network
● The option for family members to be contacted at the same time as the response centre
● GPS location so if the response centre is contacted, the exact location of the wearer can be found


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