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OAP Alarm

Avoiding The Pitfalls When Buying An OAP Alarm

Our lives these days can feel like a whirlwind of activity. With so many responsibilities, it can be difficult to care for your aging loved ones. Even when you want to be there to give them the attention and help that they need to cope independently in their own home, it can simply be impossible to fit everything into the day – after all, there are only so many hours to play with! However, if you’re feeling guilty about not being available for your elderly relatives when they need you, there is a solution. If you invest in an OAP alarm, you can feel confident that your loved ones will be able to get help if they need it, even when you aren’t available.

There are many different OAP alarm systems on the market today, so how do you know which one to buy for your loved one? Here, we take a closer look at what you should be looking out for when making your purchasing decisions. After all, research is essential and you need to be absolutely certain that you’ve chosen the correct device before making a final choice. There are a few potential pitfalls when buying an alarm system, and here, we’ll show you how to avoid them.

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Is The Device Too Complicated?

Technology is getting more advanced, and while the world is now almost fully digitised, many elderly people struggle to manage complex devices. Think carefully about the person you’re buying the alert system for. It’s important to be certain that they’ll have no difficulties in operating the system. A simple wrist alarm or pendant system can be an ideal solution. With just a single button to press, there’ll be no difficulties in getting help should the situation arise.

Does The Device Offer Enough Coverage?

Some devices only work inside the home. While that will work perfectly well if your elderly relative remains inside their property for most of the time, increasing numbers of older people are more active than ever before, and are regularly out and about. They therefore need an alarm system that will give them suitable coverage no matter where they may be. You don’t want to be worrying that your aging parent will suffer an accident or an illness when outside their home and not be able to use their alarm system to summon help when they need it most.

Is The Device Good Quality?

Although there are many types of OAP alarm available for purchase, not all have been created equal. You need to be certain that you’re choosing a device which is well-designed, well-made and durable enough to stand the test of time. You need to be sure that it is resistant to falls and drops, to dust and to water so that it can operate perfectly when your loved one needs it. When you buy your device from Lifeline Telecare, you can be confident that you’re choosing an OAP alarm that will function perfectly for many years to come, keeping your loved one safe and secure.


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