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Neck Alarms For The Elderly

Neck Alarms For The Elderly – Making Safety Simple

As we get older, we become more dependent on other people for safety and general well-being. Finding ways of staying safe couldn’t be more important. At one time, many elderly relatives would live with their children when they became too old to cope alone, however these days, times have changed. More people are keen to retain their independence when they enter retirement and don’t want to be tied down to living with their grown-up kids. Going into a home is an equally unappealing solution, not to mention an expensive one. Many pensioners are also reluctant to accept support and help, even when they could really benefit from it. This is where neck alarms for the elderly can prove to be so helpful.

With wearable personal alarm systems, it’s possible to stay safe even when there’s nobody around to offer help should an accident occur or an emergency arise. Most people worry about their elderly loved ones – after all, trips, falls and sudden illnesses are all-too-common in older people. However, with a neck alarm, it’s possible to go about your daily life without having to fret about whether your parents or grandparents are ok. The wearer themselves can also enjoy greater freedom and independence, with the ability to go out and about whenever and wherever they like, knowing that they have a way of getting help if and when it’s required.

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What Types Of Neck Alarms Are There?

There are several types of neck alarms for the elderly that can ensure safety at all times, whether inside the home or out and about on the go. Thanks to their wearability, they can give older people greater confidence to enjoy their active lifestyle.

Fall detection alarms use the latest technology to detect falls automatically and summon assistance with no need to press any buttons or dial any numbers. By measuring changes in air speed and air pressure in relation to the sensor’s position, it’s possible to detect whether the wearer has fallen over. Since falls from seizures or strokes, or even a head injury as a result of the fall could make it impossible for the wearer to summon help themselves, these types of alarms are incredibly helpful, activating themselves immediately without any need for user intervention so that assistance can arrive in a timely manner.

24 Hour Help

Neck alarms can contact help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, making them the ideal alternative to going into a home or having constant monitoring. Some of these alarms feature a single alert button which, when depressed can send an instant alert to a named contact or to a call centre where a representative can immediately contact relatives or friends or can arrange for the emergency services to be sent out. Since these devices can be used both indoors and outdoors, they can provide optimal safety at all times. They’re also lightweight and simple to use, so they won’t be a problem for the wearer.