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No Landline Alarms

What is there is a power cut, will it still work?
Yes. The base unit has a built in battery back-up that holds a charge for up to 48 hours. Simply keep the alarm plugged in and it will be fully charged should there be a power outage.
Is it easy to use?
Yes. You can program it by either calling it or sending it text message instructions. Quick-start instructions are provided.

What ongoing costs are there?
None. This alarm has no contracts and no monthly fees. You simply pay for the credit used to make calls/send texts and that is it.
What accessories can I get for the No Landline Alarm?
You can get a speaker for 2-way communication, a heat/smoke alarm that activates the alarm and sends out emergency texts/calls when there is a fire, and static wireless emergency wall buttons that can be placed in high risk places around the home such as the bathroom or foot of the stairs.
Does it have two-way communication capability?
No. The base unit itself does not allow two-way conversation, it only allows the responder to listen in to what is happening. An optional speaker can be purchased for two-way communication.

SureSafe Personal Alarm

What is the reset process?
There is no ‘reset’ process as such. To reprogram, all you need to do is follow the programming steps again and program ‘over’ the previous stored numbers.
My battery is low on my wristband and I have only just received it?
The wristband LED colour is supposed to be red when the battery is OK. The LED fades to a feint red/pink when the battery is low. We recommend you test your pendants and wristbands once a month to check on the batteries. The average battery life is 2 years. Batteries are replaceable.
When the person answers the call and presses any button on the keypad, the alarm keeps dialling, the message keeps repeating and moves on to the next number?
This is not generally due to a fault with the alarm. If the alarm keeps playing the recorded message, and moves on to the next number, it means that it has not received the ‘beep’ that is generated when the recipient presses any button on their telephone keypad. It is getting blocked in the phone system, once it has made its way to the alarm user’s house. You can try 3 things here:1) Press and hold the number on the keypad for 2/3 seconds to create a ‘long’ beep2) Make sure that the alarm is plugged into the main telephone point in the house3) Try it in other telephone points in the house
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