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Fall Alarm for Elderly

Fall Alarm for Elderly

No elderly person wants to be dependent on their loved ones for help and support at all times. The majority of older people have lived long and interesting lives, held down careers, had families and been responsible for themselves entirely. It makes sense, therefore, that they would want to retain their independence rather than regress to a time where they had to depend on others to help them.

The great thing about Lifeline Telecare is that we are committed to producing gadgets that will help keep older people in their homes until they no longer want to be there. Our fall alarms are a great choice, especially if someone you love is no longer as agile as they once were.

What Does a Fall Alarm for Elderly People Do?

The primary purpose of a fall alarm is to provide elderly people with the ability to get medical attention quickly, without the need to try and get to a phone or wait for someone to visit to find them. So many older people are afraid of falling, and this leads to sedentary behaviours that do not help extend their quality of life. By choosing a fall alarm you and your loved ones can be confident that if the worst should happen then someone would be able to get assistance delivered to the exact location of your older friends and family.

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How Will a Fall Alarm Help to Manage the Risk?

A fall alarm is an excellent choice because it works to minimise the risk or falling and helps when a fall has taken place. Many older people report that they are less confident without a fall alarm and so choose to shuffle, which can cause nasty trips or falls.

When an older person has suffered a fall, they will need to get emergency treatment as soon as possible after the event to check for breaks, sprains, cuts and concussion. If an older person is not wearing a fall alarm, then it is a waiting game for them until someone comes to their house and discovers them. No one wants someone they love being left stuck on a floor for hours, especially when the solution is as simple as a fall alarm.

What Fall Alarm is the Best?

If you choose a fall alarm from Lifeline Telecare, you will be able to select the one that suits your lifestyle the best. We have mobile alarms, wrist-worn alarms and tradition alarms as part of our range. Whichever one you choose to use, you can be sure that we will be there in your time of need.

To select the best alarm for you; take a moment to decide if you need one for use at home or also when out and about. It is also worth considering if you are happy to wear one around your neck or if you would prefer a wrist alarm. Whatever you choose, we will be glad to discuss your requirements with you.

Features That You Can Expect With Your Fall Alarm

When you purchase a fall alarm, you can look forward to enjoying a range of features that will keep you safe, such as:
● Fall Detector
● Communication from the device and to the device
● Comfy to wear
● Impact-resistant
● Lightweight
● Simple to use