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Emergency Pendant for Elderly

Emergency Pendant for Elderly

Many older people are facing lives alone and fear to become overly dependent on loved ones to help them navigate their lives. However, it is well documented that the one thing older people are seeking is independence, and this seems like the most obvious way of helping them to enjoy every minute of their lives.

At Lifeline Telecare, we see that it is our responsibility to ensure that older people have access to the tools they need to maintain the life they want to lead. Our emergency pendant collection will help them to do just that and also will allow you to know that they are safe and well without needing to be with them at all times.

What is the Point of an Emergency Pendant for Elderly People?

When you get an emergency pendant for an older person, you are helping them to unlock their freedom and allow them to live comfortably and safely without fear of being hurt or unwell without someone on hand to help. If you choose an emergency pendant for elderly people, you are essentially equipping them with a lifeline that can be used in times of crisis.

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Why a Pendant Instead of a Person?

An emergency pendant for elderly people is a great back up when there are no other people around, and it gives the power back to the wearer to choose when and where they want to engage with others. Many people feel that they can manage well enough without an emergency pendant but having one could be the difference between life and death.

If you are considering an emergency pendant, you can be assured that it is not designed to remove the human element in a person’s life. Still, it will allow them to sleep in their own home without the need for a permanent bedside vigil that will disturb them and stop you from getting the rest you need to maintain caring responsibilities.

What Emergency Pendant Should We Choose?

There are various pendants to choose from, depending on the requirements of the person that will be wearing it. For example, you can get pendants that work solely in the home or mobile pendants that can be taken out of the house and used when out and about. It’s wise to consider the level of mobility the person has and whether they want to be independent at home or outside too.

Our aim at Lifeline Telecare is to work with you to find the right choice and then support you through the entire process from initial query to installation and beyond. All our pendants can be routed to our dedicated resource centre where well qualified and supportive operatives are ready to help in an emergency situation.

What Features Can We Expect?

When you choose to get a pendant from us, you can expect it to come with a raft of useful features like:
● Two-way communication
● GPS tracker for mobile pendants
● Water-resistant
● Long battery life
● Fall detection