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Emergency Alarm for Elderly

Emergency Alarms for the Elderly

When you consider that more of us will live longer than ever before we must have systems in place to support people into old age. The reality of life when you get older means that you are more susceptible to falls and injuries that would not have caused you problems when you were younger. Keeping our ageing population safe is not only great for them but also helps to relieve the strain on medical services that may be overstretched otherwise.

At Lifeline Telecare, we work hard to reduce the number of emergencies for the elderly by providing systems that mean they can access help as soon as it is needed. We have an extensive range of emergency alarms for the elderly to choose from and make it our goal to ensure that every older person has the technology they need to keep them safe and independent at all times.

How does an Emergency Alarm for the Elderly Work?

An emergency alarm for elderly people is a personal alarm that is used to contact people when there is a situation that needs a speedy response. Alarms typically come with an integrated panic button that is pressed for help rather than expecting someone to try to get to a phone when in crisis. The panic button is routed directed to a call centre or key contacts who can assist when there is a problem that requires intervention.

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Why Should I Get an Emergency Alarm for the Elderly?

The decision to get an emergency alarm should be a straightforward process; if you have a loved one that wants independence but is at risk of a fall or is vulnerable, then an alarm can bridge the gap between independence and support.

When you choose an alarm, you are accessing a remote support network that can respond, no matter the time, day or night. It is peace of mind like this that allows everyone to feel more confident about supporting an older person.

What Types of Emergency Alarms for the Elderly Are Available?

Once you have decided that you want to get an alarm, you will need to choose the model that is best for your loved one’s requirements. It may be a mobile alarm, a pendant or wrist alarm. Whatever you choose, you can be assured that they will all be easy to set up and will connect to a call centre where well-qualified staff are ready to help when there is an emergency.

When you choose an alarm from Lifeline Telecare, you can either get it set up to contact family and friends directly or allow us to route each call through our dedicated centre 24/7. Our team is ready to contact emergency services as well as friends and family to notify them of any problems.

What Features Can I Expect From my Emergency Alarm?

Each alarm we provide comes with a wide range of features, and you can expect to get an alarm that can provide functions such as:
● 24/7 call centre assistance
● GPS tracking systems
● Talk to the alarm feature to save the need for a phone


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