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Elderly Alarm Bracelet

Elderly Alarm Bracelet

As life expectancy rises within the UK, we have an ever-growing population of elderly people. When we age, we tend to encounter more health complications. Bones become more brittle, our balance becomes hindered, as well as being faced with a whole host of other health afflictions. All of these factors can make it more difficult to move around freely and make us more prone to sustaining injuries. It is therefore our responsibility to ensure that our elderly loved ones are well taken care of into their old age.

Many people who would benefit from a personal alarm are put off by the thought of wearing one around their neck as they may not want to draw attention to the fact that they need assistance. Unfortunately, avoiding using a personal alarm can result in injuries that take longer to heal as people cannot get to help as soon as they need it. It’s a fact that as we get older, our joints and bones are not as supple as they once were and having a personal alarm can be the difference between life and death.

Here at Lifeline Telecare, we specialise in helping people make the safety decisions that will help them remain independent for as long as possible. Our products are high quality, reliable and will help to keep your loved ones at home, in familiar surroundings.

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Alarm Bracelets at Great Prices

If you or someone you love is avoiding getting a personal alarm because of the design, then why not consider an alarm bracelet instead? You can wear an alarm bracelet on either wrist so that it won’t affect your wearing of other accessories such as a watch or bracelet. Our alarm bracelets are comfy to wear and are unnoticeable on your wrist so you can be assured that your need for a personal alarm is not advertised to everyone you come into contact with.

There are quarterly and annual price plans that will suit all budgets so that you can choose the personal alarm that suits your lifestyle the best. We have trained advisors that can help you choose the best option for you and will talk you through every decision you need to make.

Why Choose an Alarm Bracelet?

Knowing that your loved ones are safe when you aren’t around is important to you and them and means that you can support their desire to be independent without worrying for their safety. Alarm bracelets often come with fall detection and the support centre is on call 24/7, so you know there is someone at the other end of the bracelet, ready to help in case something goes wrong.

When you get an alarm bracelet, you can choose who should be contacted in an emergency so that multiple members of the family can be called until someone available can get to the person in question. The call centre staff are all trained in how to deal with an emergency; they will call the emergency services to respond when there has been an accident or if the wearer is unresponsive.

Key Features of an Alarm Bracelet

When you sign up to an alarm bracelet plan you can look forward to your loved one having the best safety device on the market. Some of the best features of the alarm bracelets are:
● Water-resistant so it can be worn at all times, even in the shower
● Shock-resistant so it can handle knocks and falls without breaking
● Comfy wrist strap
● Fall detection
● 100m range to cover the home, garden and more
● Simple set up process


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