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Alarm Necklace For Elderly

About our Alarm Necklace for the Elderly

An alarm necklace for elderly people is an excellent safety device which allows those in their golden years to enjoy greater independence in their lifestyle. With one of these pendants, they can go about their lives safe in the knowledge that they can summon help automatically using these simple devices should they need assistance. As more people are living for longer and what to stay in the home they know and love for as long as possible, it’s easy to see why these alarm systems make sense.

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Choosing The Right Alarm Necklace for Elderly People

There are several different types of alarm necklaces for the elderly, all are designed with the same idea in mind – alerting a family member, friend or representative in the event of an emergency. If they experience an illness, a sudden problem or a fall, they can simply press a button on the alarm and help can be contacted immediately so that assistance will be on the way in minutes. There are pendants available that can call multiple contacts at once as soon as the button is depressed by the wearer. There are also alarm necklaces available that are linked to a call centre 24 hours a day. As soon as the wearer presses the button, an alert will automatically be sent to the call centre where a representative will contact a friend or family member or the emergency services. These pendants offer greater peace of mind both for the elderly wearer and also for their family members who need the reassurance that their loved one will be as safe as possible even when they cannot be around to supervise their activities.

Alarm Necklaces for the Elderly Help You Stay Independent

When senior citizens live at home alone, they often would prefer not to put the burden of their care onto their family members. After all, modern life is very busy, and many older people don’t want to be responsible for increasing the responsibilities that their loved ones face. No matter how much family members want to be there for their parent, grandparent or other aging relative, the reality is that nobody can be there 24 hours a day. So, a solution needs to be found to ensure that elderly relatives can be protected and safe even when nobody else can be around. An alarm necklace for elderly people gives loved ones as well as the wearer great peace of mind.

What are the Benefits of Alarm Necklaces for the Elderly?

It’s true that anything could happen when your elderly loved one lives alone. They could suffer an accident or a fall. They may become ill or even experience another emergency situation. It’s only natural then to be concerned about what may happen if you can’t be there to watch them at all times. Yet, even if you were able to be around 24/7 to supervise your loved one, the chances are that they would resent such interference in their life. Senior citizens today relish their independence and want the freedom to come and go as they please without restrictions. This is why an alarm necklace for elderly people can be so helpful.


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