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Alarm For The Elderly When They Fall

An Alarm for the Elderly When They Fall Saves Lives

As far as most people are concerned, their home can be full of trip hazards. From steps and stairs to items accidentally left on the floor, it can be all-too-common to stumble or to fall over, risking injury. For older people, it can take a very long time to make a full recovery. In severe cases, the fall may even prove fatal. As elderly people are also more prone to trips and falls as a result of reduced mobility, it’s very important to find a solution to keep them safe when they live alone in their own property. Investing in an alarm for the elderly when they fall could prove to be indispensable and could even save your ageing loved one’s life.

As we get older, our bodies can’t heal as quickly, so seemingly minor injuries can develop into serious long-term issues that cause ongoing problems. Fall injuries may not have immediately obvious effects, but the complications afterwards could cause major health conditions that could be life-changing or even life-threatening. With this in mind, buying a fall detection alarm could be the best investment you ever make.

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What can Cause the Elderly to Fall?

Falls are more common amongst elderly people for several reasons. Many are environmental. Wearing the wrong kind of shoes, loose carpets and rugs, uneven road surfaces, poor quality lighting, a lack of handrails and unexpected steps can all cause falls.

Many older people also suffer from health issues. They may be taking medication that causes light-headedness or dizziness. They may also suffer from poor eyesight, weakness, or balance issues that could result in a trip. In older people, low blood pressure, a stroke, or a seizure could also trigger a fall.

How can we Help Protect the Elderly Against Falls

Although it’s impossible to prevent your elderly relative from falling altogether, there are some steps you can take to minimise the risk.

You should make sure they get regular check ups with an optician and a GP, and also make sure that they stay as active as their lifestyle allows to keep their bones and muscles strong. You may also want to review their medication with a chemist or doctor to ensure that any that are interfering with their normal bodily functions are switched for more suitable and safe options.

It’s also possible to fall-proof the home by removing tripping hazards and installing non-slip tiles or treads in danger zones such as the kitchen and bathroom. Ensure that good lighting has also been fitted to ensure lack of visibility is minimised.

One of the best things you can do to protect your ageing relative from accidents in and around the home is to invest in an alarm for the elderly when they fall. These fall detectors can alert you or a responder without the wearer having to press a button or activate a system. The sensors detect that the wearer has fallen and immediately sends out an alert, so you can send help rapidly. It really could help to save your loved one’s life.


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