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Alarm For The Elderly Living Alone

How can an Alarm For The Elderly Living Alone Help Them?

Everyone continues to strive for independence throughout their lives. From the moment we reach the age of 18, we begin to think about how we can live on our own without needing other people around to help with the essentials on a daily basis. This is why it often hits elderly people so hard when they reach their Autumn years and realise that they can no longer manage on their own in the way that they once did. As we age, poor health and reduced mobility can make it difficult to live alone. It’s no wonder that so many people with independent-living elderly relatives are so worried that their loved ones will experience an emergency and not be able to get that they need. That’s why an alarm for the elderly living alone could be the ideal solution, giving the older person the independence that they desire while giving their loved ones greater confidence in their safety and well-being.

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Threats To Independence

One of the greatest threats posed to senior citizens who live independently is how difficult it can be to get assistance in an emergency should they experience a fall or accident in their garden or home. Although a lot of older people now have mobile phones, these are often complex to use, especially for an older person who is ill, frightened or in pain. An alarm for the elderly living alone is much simpler and quicker to use, involving a quick press of a button that will summon assistance without needing to remember numbers, operate a keypad or even have a telephone to hand.

Types Of Alarms for the Elderly Living Alone

Alarms for the elderly living alone are designed so that they are simple to use and comfortable to wear. They can be worn around the wrist much like a watch or bracelet or around the neck just like a pendant. All the wearer needs to do is press the button and multiple contacts can be alerted simultaneously so that help can be on the way in minutes. Alternatively, there are two way systems that allow the individual wearing the device to speak to the responder and to hear their responses in return, so they can explain the nature of their emergency and be sure of getting the best kind of help more rapidly. There are even fall detectors that don’t need to be manually triggered. The device itself senses if the wearer trips or falls and alerts the contacts immediately so that they can be on the scene to assist without the wearer having to do a thing.

Protecting Your Loved One

If your loved one is keen to stay independent in their old age, it’s natural to have reservations. But with an alarm for the elderly living alone, it’s possible to have greater peace of mind, knowing that they can get the help they need without any difficulty and remain in their own much-loved home for as long as they can.


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