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Alarm An Old Person

Alarms for an Old Person

It used to be that those entering their golden years would usually go and live with their children or other relatives to get the help that they needed to manage and/or go about their day-to-day lives. However, with people living longer than ever before and with more of us living extremely busy lives, that is becoming less and less common. Those with ageing relatives today are now trying to juggle it all. With full-time jobs, a busy household to run, families to care for and stressful modern lifestyles, it can seem impossible to give ageing relatives the care that they need.

Going into a residential home isn’t always a solution either. Many older people don’t feel ready to give up their independence in this way and let the alone the costs incurred via residential care. However, just because they’d prefer to remain self-sufficient doesn’t necessarily mean that they could cope in an emergency situation. If you’re worried about your ageing loved one who is still living alone in the autumn of their lives, it might be time to consider all the options. With our alarms for an old person, people can stay in their own home for longer as they will be able to summon the help that they need if they experience a fall, an illness or another crisis.

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What Is An Alarm for an Old Person?

Some people are unaware that this is such a thing as an alarm for an old person, but rest assured that these systems exist and they can be a vital lifeline for ageing relatives who want to maintain their independent lifestyles but still enjoy the confidence of knowing they can get help should they need it.

There are many types of alarm for the elderly, from fall detection systems that are ideal for those with balance problems, seizures or epilepsy, to two-way talking alarms that allow the wearer to explain their problem to a responder in order to determine the best type of help in any given situation.

With an alarm an old person can enjoy peace of mind in knowing that they are never truly alone, even in their own home, while their younger relatives can go about their busy lives knowing that, should an incident occur, they or their representatives can be contact with a simple push of a button.

Choosing The Right Alarm for an Old Person

Since there are several different alarm systems for older people, it’s important to choose the right one for your loved one’s needs. It’s also important to involve them in the process. Many older people feel uncomfortable about having an alarm, so it’s important to explain to them the importance of maintaining their own safety and well-being for your own peace of mind.

Here at Lifeline Telecare we have a wide range of different alarm systems so one is sure to be perfect for your independent aging relative. Contact us today to find out more about the different options open to you and to get advice about how to make the right choice.


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