With the holiday season almost approaching, it is only obvious to revel and celebrate in happiness and excitement, but staying safe is equally important. The paramount is high when it comes to our aging parents and grandparents, who are in the habit of forgoing the safety necessities at this time seeing their whole family under one roof.

Plenty of safety hazards loom around in the home when preparing for the holiday season. Today let us discuss how we can ensure supreme safety while preparing for the season for festivals and joy:


Preparation for the holiday season and the decoration tends to clutter our home. But when you have your aging parents/grandparents at home, you need to be extra cautious in making sure that there is enough room for them to walk comfortably. Elderly citizens because of balance troubles that come with age are more vulnerable to align and hurting themselves, hence decorate your home without cluttering it. Similarly, keep electrical cords out of the walking path and do not put the decoration on the windows as this will stop natural light that might again result in a fall. Use lights that have a minimum risk of falling and always have a proper fire emergency plan in place to ensure yours and everyone’s safety.


Yes, removing the multiple safety hazards will help to safeguard your loved ones from any injury but what will ensure that they get prompt medical attention if they are not in your’s or the caregiver’s vicinity? A wearable medical alert device. Telecare device manufacturing companies such as Lifeline Telecare are devoted to making the life of our aging parents and grandparent independent and healthy. Medical alert devices are devices made from mobile technology, and they raise the alarm when they detect an emergency. Lifeline Telecare range of careline alarms can be worn as a wristwatch or a pendant. Keeping in mind that the elderly tends to get conscious and might feel embarrassed with the device being apparent, Lifeline Telecare has made the devices stylish yet highly functional. These devices also ensure that the wearer whether inside or outside the house is safe and any help is just a button press away. These devices can help in tracking the person’s position, in case they are lost. If they are alone and fell off the stair, the fall detection alarm will raise an alert, upon detecting the fall.

You can trust lifeline telecare careline and elderly alarm devices in keeping your loved ones safe and protected. A leading elderly alarm company in the United Kingdom, our products are made with the objective to make the lives of our aging citizens safe and secure. With our range of fall detection, no landline, careline alarms, your elderly loved ones can live their life to fullest without being dependent on someone else.

All our devices are made with the latest technology, to ensure maximal protection, which can be ensured at any time of the day by our 24* 7 available response centre executives that promptly respond to every alert and make sure the person in need get immediate medical or police help.  

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Have a happy and safe holiday!