A Few Ways Lifeline Telecare Alarms Can Help


Talking about buying the family’s first mobile alarm can be scary. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be. There are many good points to bring up about mobile alarms to ease concerns and make it a productive conversation. Safety is always worth discussing with the family.

Calling for Help

The primary purpose of a mobile alarm is to be able to get help if needed. There are a variety of medical conditions that can make it difficult for people to get to a phone to summon help. Things like strokes and broken bones can happen to anyone. The odds of injury only increase as people get older.

There are several different features available on mobile alarms. Lifeline Telecare’s alarms are completely mobile, working anywhere a cell phone would. Additionally, alarms from Lifeline Telecare can be linked to our 24/7 Response Centre, so real people answer all the calls, and arrange for help. Often, users can speak to operators through their mobile alarm, either easily clearing false alarms, or getting the right help fast.

Fall Detection

Several conditions can cause falls. Unfortunately, not everyone can get up from a fall easily. This becomes more true when there is a broken bone involved. If someone is living alone, it may be a long time before they are found lying on the floor. That time matters in an emergency.

Fortunately, many mobile alarms include a fall detection feature. The calibration on an alarm picks up different types of falls. While no technology is infallible, these types of alarms detect many falls that the person would not otherwise be able to call for help e.g. where they lose consciousness. In a situation like a heart attack, those moments matter.


One of the common misconceptions about alarms is that they signal a lack of independence. Some people think having an alarm will make them seem weak or frail. In contrast, choosing an alarm increases someone’s ability to be independent. An alarm gives someone the option to receive aid no matter where they go.

Today’s alarms do not need a household phone to function. Instead, they have mobile SIM cards and work on the mobile phone networks. So instead of worrying whether there will be people around, the wearer can just go wherever they want and feel protected. Many alarms, including those from Lifeline Telecare, include a GPS locator that only activates when the alarm button is pressed.

Collective Reassurance

One of the hard things for any adult to lose is their independence, or the feeling thereof. A mobile alarm is a way to keep people in their own homes and living independently, safer and for longer. The alarm is just part of that support network. It adds to the safety net that helps adults keep their independence.

One of the things with mobile alarms is that they reassure everyone. The person wearing them knows help is available to them. The immediate family no longer need stress about another fall. The wearer’s friends know how to summon help should a situation arise. It is impossible to put a price on that kind of peace of mind.


There are many reasons to consider getting a mobile alarm. For older adults, these alarms can be one part of the plan to keep them in their own home. That independence is invaluable to many people. Whether it’s due to an illness or a fall, consider a mobile alarm from Lifeline Telecare to keep older adults independent.